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MEGIUS TECHNART Shower Plate 80x80 white


Physical Features:

Hole for drain for standard type 90mm

Height 30mm

Shower Tray profile: 50mm

Technical  Features

Reversible, Drain included, standard stainless steel drain cover, shower tray made from a mixture of minerals and resins

Other finishings: White, Turtledove, Mocha, Smoke, Carbon, Ardesia White, Ardesia Turtledove, Ardesia Mocha, Ardesia Smoke, Ardesia Carbon

Formats available: 70x70, 90x70, 100x70, 120x70, 140x70, 160x70, 170x70, 80x80, 100x80, 120x80, 140x80, 160x80, 170x80, 90x90, 100x90, 120x90, 140x90, 160x90, 170x90, 80x80R, 90x90R

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