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Mobilduenne Laundry Furniture block 125cm


Mobilduenne is an Italian company specializing in the production of bathroom furniture, with the total production MADE IN ITALY.

La Lavanderia (The Laundry)

Tall columns and floor mounted units with lots of storage, modular elements, and fully customized tops. 
The Lavanderia range by Mobilduenne offers a series of elements that perfectly integrates with your laundry. Multifunctional rooms or small laundry rooms, this range enhances the importance of details and gives your laundry furniture the twist you were looking for: functionality and style at the same time.


Dimensions of this laundry furniture block: 

Top: 78x120x16cm

Bottom: 91x125x60cm

Wooden Finish: Matrix Bianco


This laundry cabinet is an excellent solution to maximize, organize your laundry and at the same time meet the needs of modern living.

Whether your laundry is part of an existing bathroom or you’re lucky enough to have a separate room, this laundry furniture represents the best solution to organize it in the best way.

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