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GB GROUP CUBIK vanity block cm 100 matt white / gray


GB GROUP Cubik Collection

The terseness of a line in a functional project.

Volumes give movement to an essential design that becomes a convenience. The quality of the finest materials as tecnolite and tecnolux provides functionality to the beauty of the finishing. The integrated washbasin 26cm high forms a whole unit with the elements in observance of the balance and the pureness of the forms, feature of all the collection. 

Fronts are available in stripped technicolour, grey technicolour, white tecnolite or in one of our 35 matt and glossy colours to give the maximum personal expression. White Tecnolite or Technicolour shelves, waterproof and easy to clean. 

Cubik base elements in width 50 and 100 cm are available in height 26cm and depth 40cm

An elegant and practical bathroom, with a refined design and an incredible storage space. The juxtaposition of compact and empty spaces, underlined by the dark and pale shade creates balance and chromatic dynamism. 

The retail price refers to the vanity block as exposed in our showroom in Byron Bay and includes mirror and light

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