Decorating Ideas


The bathroom. A place for rest, relaxation and recuperation. It has therefore become a necessity to be conscious of colour pallet, shades and finishes used during the design stage of any new bathroom build or renovation to ensure that the ideal ambience is achieved.

Go to your happy place, what does it look like? Do you fall into dreams of a tropical paradise? Or does a luxurious hotel room excite your senses? Globo’s new colour range gives every individual the freedom to aesthetically enhance their personal retreat at the next level.


Colour is the eternal element that has always existed in our imagination and has given emotion to our lives. Colours allow us to change the psychological perception of each component of our bathroom, giving them the power to become a peaceful and relaxing oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Ceramica Globo has taken inspiration from relaxing palettes and the science behind it to bring you the “Bagno Di Colore” ceramic colours range. This new release has been created by the experienced scientists at Globo, using materials and processes that have not been explored before. The result is a truly unique finish that is stylish beyond compare.


Soft, natural colour shades and tones with delicate names that refer to nature and naturally derived materials. The range is both nostalgic and traditional whilst remaining cutting edge in bathroom technology and style. From the warmer shades like cashmere and chestnut to the cooler end of the spectrum, our pearl and matt whites, Ceramica Globo’s colour palette covers 14 ceramic colours that multiply the following compositions and collections: Stone, Relais, 4All, Bowl+ and Stockholm, only to name a few.