Decorating Ideas


There is nothing quite like the sleek, clean lines of a contemporary kitchen. From marble work surfaces to functional, freestanding islands, today’s kitchens are every cook’s dream. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that there is something almost institutional and uninviting about them, and so they seek ways to add a bit of texture and warmth in an otherwise ideal setting. Whether you are drawing up plans for a kitchen in your new build home or are renovating your time-worn kitchen, the following 3 tips might be just what you are looking for to add the depth you seek.

1. Mosaic Tiles as a Backsplash

One common theme among contemporary kitchens is that most appliances are done in stainless steel. Gone are the days when black or white appliances were the trend, but this can be the ultimate reason why today’s kitchens feel so institutional. Consider for a moment adding a mosaic tile backsplash behind the range. This will immediately add both warmth and texture so lacking when metal appliances cover much of the wall space. Not only do they give the appearance of texture, but tiles are easy to clean and keep sanitary over time.

2. Custom Fabric Window Coverings

Another particularly useful idea for adding texture to a contemporary kitchen is to install custom window coverings, which you can find at places like Wovn Home. Instead of plain metal or plastic Venetian blinds, what about those crafted with woven fabric? They are also easily dusted and cleaned, but that woven fabric adds a textured appeal to an otherwise ordinary window covering. Fabric window coverings can be crafted in traditional Venetian-style or they can be verticals if that is what you prefer. These are easily ordered online and will come ready to install. The only thing required is exact measurements and, of course, the style and fabrics you prefer.

3. Creative Use of Metals

While you probably opted for stainless steel appliances, you can vary the types of metals used in your kitchen in several innovative ways. What about installing a hanging pot rack above your centre island from which you can hang copper pots? The bright copper colour will liven up the monotony of the stainless appliances. Just the fact that they are hanging from the ceiling adds another layer of depth to what would have been otherwise been a dreadfully boring room. Also, you might want to add coloured metal stools to the side of the island facing the interior of the room. Black serves nicely, but your choices aren’t limited to black.

In the end, you can add texture by adding a bit of fabric here and there such as on cushions for the stools or wall hangings crafted from fabric. A potted plant would work nicely, and if you are really creative, what about a window herb garden that will also add a bit of colour? Even though you have chosen the professional quality of stainless appliances, adding texture and colour can give your kitchen a homelier appeal. Isn’t this just what you are looking for after all?