Decorating Ideas


Building a home is one of the most involved, emotionally-charged and exciting tasks you will ever take on. It’s also a great way to engineer a lifestyle that you have always dreamed of, deciding what stays and what goes when you start from scratch. If you are about to embark on this journey you have a lot to look forward to, but you should also be aware of some of the considerations that home builders tend to gloss over until they are in the thick of it. Let’s establish what a new renovation actually entails, and how you can prepare for this venture. 

Engage a reputable “knockdown rebuild” provider

You shouldn’t be flippant with who you choose as your home builder, as the quality will vary exponentially in the market. First shortlist all the providers who can facilitate a knockdown rebuild in Sydney, and then do your research to understand what exactly is offered and what style they typically build. Having a clear understanding of your inclusions will save you from any unwanted surprises and half-built concepts down the line and the nightmares that ensue. Also, make sure your research isn’t only online, and see if you can visit houses that have been built by that builder. This will only help to shape your expectations and enhance your experience and trust in the process. 

Will your rebuild be smarter and more sustainable?

You don’t want to simply rebuild a concept with a few stylistic changes, you want to be left with a home that is more energy-efficient, more connected, more sustainable, and designed in a way that will reduce your impact and provide something positive to the community. That might feel like a large responsibility, but it really isn’t and many builders and designing with these thoughts in mind. Have you considered solar panels in your renovation, as well as building around a green concept in your front and backyard? Similarly, you may want to consider building a home that can integrate with modern technology and utilise voice command. Also, speak with your builder about how your kitchen and bathroom can cater to more energy and water-efficient appliances and practises. These considerations will save on your energy bills and it’s great for future generations. 

Choose the neighbourhood first, and a home second

Buying behaviours can be a funny thing, with home buyers not recognising that the home they choose for their knockdown rebuild doesn’t really matter as it will soon be a new one entirely. If you are still in your planning phase, spend your time pouring over property data sources that indicate suburb growth and land value data as this is what you want to be making your decision based on. Don’t fall into the trap of critiquing a home, as it is only the land that is valuable, and might as well have a tent on the property for the function it will serve in the scheme of things.

Build for the future

This might be an obvious consideration, but so many homeowners will have a change in lifestyle and circumstance that will require more or less room, with renovation 2.0 too expensive to go through once again. You want your home build to be taking into account the size of your family in the future, guestroom needs for interstate family, ensuite requirements, driveway access, backyard for kids and pets, and maybe even a space that can be used to work from home if this is a goal that you or your partner aspire to. You don’t even need to assign purpose to these spaces necessarily, you might just want more space so that you can decide what to do with it if and when the time arises. Think about the homes you love, and strip back what those specific homes have that appeal to you and decide whether you need these elements. 


There is a lot to take in here, and your research has only just begun. Deciding on a builder will bring some structure to your project, as they will guide you through each stage of the rebuild phase and will be able to illustrate what the next twelve months will look like.