Decorating Ideas

Most people don't just invite anyone to spend a night at their home. And if they do, it’s because that person is super important to them. That means that you’ll want to make them feel as pleasant as they possibly can. You see, the major key is to create a warm, and welcoming place your guests will be happy to spend a night in. It should reflect your manners and your general hospitality. In order to do so, you don’t have to make big investments. There are many little things that can help you achieve that goal. So without further ado, here are some of the most important aspects of one perfect and cosy guest room your friends will adore.

A welcome note

After a long day of packing and travelling, your guests will definitely appreciate a nice welcoming note to make them feel welcomed and free to relax. You can buy one of those cute little white boards and write something like: "I'm so happy you are here! Make yourself at home! The Wifi password is 12345678, and the dinner is ready at 8 pm ;) ". It is concise and cute. And speaking of WiFi password, make sure there are at least four power sockets and a universal phone charger just in case.

Walking on air

A floor can either open up space or completely shut it down, and we all know it. And that visual factor is also quite important for any room in the house. If your guest room is spacious, you have the freedom to get a little wild and maybe opt for some cool patchwork tile designs, but on the other hand, if the room is smaller, rather opt for something minimalistic and light such as white tiles to make space seem larger. Later on, you can make a cool contrast with fluffy rugs and decorative vases filled with fresh-cut flowers.


An old bend inside of your basement doesn't make a cosy guest room, does it? No, it doesn't. You have to show some love to it, just like you did with your own bedroom. For example, I have a couple of really stylish designer furniture pieces in mine - it really adds to the whole "showing love" factor I was talking about (wink). Comfortable furniture is simply a MUST - no matter your budget or any other factor. Invest in a high-quality mattress, nice sheets (and make sure they are freshly washed before your guests arrive), plush pillows, and maybe even a nice armchair. Finally, make sure you provide an empty closet where they can leave their clothes if they are staying for longer than a day, and maybe even a nice little desk where they can work if they need to if you have enough space.


Even the birds now know that natural lighting is a must for every room in the house. And big windows are always a way to go. However, if you opt for large windows, make sure you also install some internal blinds or vertical drapes that will provide privacy to your guests and make the space much more aesthetically pleasing. A lot of Australian companies work with creative and experienced shade experts that will do all this thinking for you and find the best possible solution.


It is completely normal that some rooms get more heat flow than others especially when you don't use a certain room that often. In other words, if your guest room tends to run too warm in the summer, for example, make sure you provide an extra fan for it. On the other hand, if it tends to get chillier during winter times, invest in a space heater to make sure your guests feel warm and cosy at all times. Also, keep a couple of extra blankets hidden somewhere in the dresser just in case, and maybe even a couple of clean bathrobes.
That would be it. Are you feeling ready to create your perfect and cosy guest room? I hope these tips were helpful, and if you have some more ideas you would like to share, feel free to comment below.