Decorating Ideas

Although most homeowners want their homes to look modern and appealing at all times, there is added importance in showing off your house to the best of its ability when you come to sell.

Improving your house for buyers ensure that you encourage them to see the best in your house and envision themselves living in it when they come for viewings. Not only this but some home improvements, such as adding a porch, decking or extension, can increase the value of your property.

Consider the Garden

The garden is often forgotten by homeowners due to its location in the exterior of the house. However, both gardens are vital to visitor’s perception of your house and space which you have available. For instance, front gardens are the first impression that visitors get of your house, and so you should ensure that this is kept neat, tidy and beautiful at all times, with small touches like flowerbeds and hanging baskets making colourful improvements. Not only this, but the back garden is just as important as this can extend the space of the house and is especially important for families and buyers with pets as this will become an important hub within the home.

If you are struggling to improve your garden’s appearance, you should consider investing in Greater Brisbane Gardens landscape design services who can provide the professional help you need to ensure that your garden is appealing and ready for viewings.

Repaint the Walls

The wall paint in many people’s houses is the first thing to show the age of the house and painted walls quickly become diminished by the chaos of daily life through scratches, dirt and peeling paint. Therefore, painting the walls of your house can instantly improve the appearance of your house and ensure that it looks modern and clean instantly. Newly painted walls can also help you to add the façade of space to your room, as bright and neutral colours help to make rooms look more spacious than they truly are. When deciding on the colour, it is important that you take into consideration the room’s purpose, such as investing in calming blues and pastels for relaxing rooms like bedrooms and lounges.

Update the Bathroom

Bathrooms can often look outdated, and yet it is important that the bathroom in your house looks clean, welcoming and hygienic, as this is the place where your buyers will wash and shower. In addition to this, you could also consider making your bathroom more accessible for disabled and elderly people by widening the space in your bathroom, as this will appeal to a wider market of buyers. You should also consider adding an extra bathroom to your house, as downstairs bathrooms and en-suites are highly sought after, especially for those with large families, and additional bathrooms add value to your home.

Improve Your Windows

Although windows sound like a small improvement to make, this is not the case. Old windows can look shabby and as if they lack security. Not only do new windows look smart and presentable, but they are also more energy efficient, which can stop draughts and help the new homeowners to save on energy bills.


Photo Credits: Peter Manson - Unsplash