Decorating Ideas

Moving into your first home or apartment is a momentous occasion as it’s exciting and groundbreaking. It indicates freedom that you may have ‘flown the nest’ from your parent's house and it marks the start of the next chapter for you, whether you’re moving in with a partner or friends, or going it alone. Either way furnishing the property is the fun part, especially as historically, getting on the property ladder for the first time can be a very stressful event with estate agents and viewings.

Although this is the joyous part of moving home, it can be very daunting as you need to know what kind of furnishings you’re looking for, how to plan the best use of space and how to make sure you don’t blow a months salary on expensive items.

Look for Charity

The first stop on the lookout for cheap furniture should be the charity or op shop. Not all items that end up in second-hand shops will be full of animal hair, and broken toys as some objects donated to charity shops can be very good quality.

You need to be able to pop in as often as you can as there is no telling when someone might drop off a brand new sofa that didn’t fit their cinema room. Also, look into what you are buying as an item on first glance may seem damaged, but actually all it needs is a good wipe down and will then be as good as new.


In this day and age of social media, everything can be easily listed as for sale or a freebie. Check out Facebook in your local area for people either selling items very cheaply or giving things away solely as they don’t have the time or inclination to get rid of something any other way.

If you’re willing to be flexible and can pick things up perhaps a bit further away than where you live, then you are bound to get a few really good freebies to furnish your place with.

Auction it

A great place to find many exciting and unpredictable items of furniture is at a household auction. These auction houses are a brilliant way of picking up cheap furniture that has a story behind it, whether it’s an antique, retro or second-hand. Make sure you go with a trailer or a big van as undoubtedly you will end up winning some kind of item you didn’t bank on so going prepared and not in a car will always help.

Online Goodies

If you can’t get to an auction house, then looking online is the perfect way to dress up your pad. There are many sites selling second-hand furniture that can be perfect on a budget. However, make sure you read the description very carefully as you don’t want to drive 100 kilometres to buy what was listed as a perfect table to find a leg missing! Also, make sure you don’t send any money through an unsecured network.

Part of the excitement of finding suitable furniture for your new home is working out how you can get what you want, for the price you want to pay. Unless you win the lottery or have some very rich relatives that can give you furniture, then sourcing cheaper furniture is the best way to go until you get on your feet and can invest in new products.


Image Source: Unsplash - Julian Hochgesang