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Black is the favourite colour of many, but it doesn’t seem to fit into interior design. When decorating your home, the focus seems to be on making it as light as possible. Though this is a noble goal, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Incorporating black into your design is possible and can look amazing, you just have to try a little harder to get there.

1. Accessorize

The easiest way to incorporate black into your design is to accessorize with it. Black furniture will always be in style, it’s durable, easier to clean, and gives your home a timeless look. Just be careful not to overdo it, as you’ll end up enclosing the room instead of opening it up.
For most rooms, it’s enough to introduce a pair of stunning black curtains and match them to your sofa or armchair. Add a few pieces of quirky black décor, and you’ve got a room that says you have style.

2. Doors & Windows

If black doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in your home, it will on your windows and doors. There’s nothing more elegant than black wooden frames. If the room they’re in is light, they’ll have an even more striking effect. This trick may also make your house look bigger. After all, using black on window frames draws the eye outside, giving the illusion of space.
When it comes to the doors, you can do more than just the frame. Black does wonders for wooden doors and brings out the details on them wonderfully. Your door can look even more vintage than it already does, or more modern, depending on the style.

3. Do the walls

The painting will be a part of your design, so why not look for ways to incorporate black? If you’ve got an extra bright room in the house, black could very well bring balance to your life. Those looking to build a sensory room will be glad to know that black is an excellent base for creating projected patterns on the walls. One other idea comes all the way from Australia.
Creating focal points in rooms is a big trend in this part of the world. People usually opt for professional painting services and let them carry out their vision. One wall is painted black, while the others are left white. This creates a classy yet daring design, ties the room together, and satisfies the need for being unique and bold without overdoing it.

4. Create patterns

Black by itself may swallow the design completely, but black patterns don’t have to. In fact, more often than not, they have the opposite effect and bring out the full beauty of the room. Patterns can be created in each room in various different ways.
For example, the kitchen or bathroom could look amazing with a combination of black and white tiles. If you want to be even more creative, take another colour other than white and incorporate it into the pattern. Small dots of black will look much more daring and bold than simply piling on the colour wherever you can.


Image source: Unsplash


If this article proves one thing it’s that black shouldn’t be omitted from the colour palette of interior design. Black will find its way into your home and be an irreplaceable part of your décor soon enough. Dare to be different and have a bold design that will charm even the most stubborn visitor of your home. Black will be your ally in this mission of opening up the possibilities of interior design even further.