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The versatility of rugs is what makes them one of the most beautiful and popular home embellishments. Not only can you use them to give a unique character to your home by introducing enticing colours and intricate patterns, but you can also capture the spirit of a particular style or tie your room together. You can also use area rugs to create a deep, layered look in your home, giving it welcoming, cosy and infinitely comfortable appeal. Thus, if you want to introduce a feeling of warmth and comfort to your home, you should welcome these top six rug trends.

Worn-out equals cosy

For a cosy, lived-in look that exudes comfort, you should embellish your home with worn-out, slightly faded rugs. Not only are they extremely charming, but their slightly weathered appeal will give your home a cosy vibe. You can find vintage rugs in antique shops and let them dominate your space. There are also plenty of new rugs featuring slightly worn-out, faded looks that will help you create a cosy ambience in your home. You may even find some old rugs in your basement, so bring them to your living space and allow them to create a striking contrast against a modern setting. Finally, you can also introduce Persian rugs with a washed-out flair, which will fill your space with a sense of antiquity and mysticism of the Oriental design. What makes these worn-out rugs so cosy and appealing is the fact that they portray the natural passage of time.

Natural all the way

Some of the cosiest and most charming rugs are those made of completely natural materials. Aside from being eco-friendly, these rugs are healthier since they haven’t been treated with any toxic chemicals. Consequently, this contributes to your indoor air quality and makes your home feel more comfortable and airy. However, rugs made of natural materials, such as hemp, jute, sisal, wool and woven seagrass, feel cosy and comfortable due to their organic appeal and neutral hues. They are often simple, subdued and warm, undoubtedly contributing to the atmosphere of comfort in your home.

Layered and stylish

The trend of layering rugs is definitely here to stay. Not only is it chic and authentic, but it also provides you with an opportunity to juxtapose different textures, patterns and colours, creating a deep, rich look in your sanctuary. You can layer mesmerising floor rugs in any setting, be it modern, vintage, minimalist or eclectic. The key to successfully implementing this trend in your home lies in choosing rugs of contrasting designs so that each of them can stand out. For instance, you can use a simple grey wool rug for the base and then place a chic, round boho rug on top of it. This will allow both area rugs to stand out in your space. Furthermore, layering rugs will introduce a feeling of comfort in your home by creating a play of texture.

Round brings comfort

Although rectangular rugs have a special status in interior design, round rugs have also gained popularity as one of the cosiest rug trends. Adding just a single round rug to your cosy nook can completely transform its atmosphere and give it more inviting appeal. Round rugs are predominantly used for all those cosy areas in your home, such as a reading nook, a beautiful armchair with plush pillows by the window or your comfy nap areas. Furthermore, if your home features an open floor plan, you can use round rugs to create simple, yet comfortable islands for a homey flair.

Chunky for contrast and comfort

With the right area rugs, you can soften certain materials and give them a more inviting vibe. For a more comfortable and welcoming look, you can place chunky area rugs against leather furniture in your living space. Not only will this create a mesmerising contrast between different materials, but it will also create a richer and cosier atmosphere. Since chunky rugs feature thick wool strands, they will stand perfectly against smooth leather.

The beauty of the unexpected

Adding area rugs to unexpected places will create a “wow” effect in your home while also giving it cosy appeal. For instance, rugs aren’t typically used in kitchens and bathrooms, so these areas may come across as somewhat cold. However, if you introduce area rugs to your kitchen or bathroom, you can not only elevate décor but also create a warmer, more welcoming look.

With these enchanting area rug trends, you’ll be able to style and cosy up your home in a heartbeat.


Author's Bio: Lana Hawkins is a young architecture and the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration from.