Decorating Ideas

It is a priority for all of us to feel comfortable and relaxed when we are at home. Sometimes this is not easy to achieve and we need to make an effort to have a cosy home that is functional and welcoming. Many other times, in order to reach this goal we simply need to do a kitchen renovation.

Our kitchen is the part of our homes where we spend most of our time. Just as we said in previous articles, it used to be just a working space but it has come a long way since then. Cooking is no longer considered a boring and dull activity anymore. It has become a more creative and a social activity itself. It is a moment of sharing and enjoying with family and friends.

Kitchens are the heart of our homes. When planning a kitchen renovation our aim should be to create a space to feel comfortable and to enjoy every day.

Let's review together some tips to remodel a kitchen and succeed.

1. Measure, measure, measure.

That is the space we have so measure it well and make the best out of it. If our measurements are not correct we will encounter problems such as redoing the design, cancel an order or, in the worst case, find the error while the cabinets are being mounted.
The best thing to do is have the dimensions taken by professionals, either the builder or joiner that will mount your kitchen. Have them measure more than once if necessary.

2. Be practical.

When we choose our cabinets and the kitchen accessories we'd like to have, we need to be practical. We have all dreamed of a perfect kitchen, a big island in the kitchen or tall luxurious kitchen cabinets, but, would that be functional for us and cover our needs?
It is very important that the kitchen design covers all important aspects and leaves out the ones that we simply can't have or that won't go with the style and design of our homes.

3. Colour.

We have spoken about colour in several posts and we will never get tired of it. We know than when desigining a kitchen, a bathroom or any other room in our homes, this is the hardest decision. In fact, it is a very personal decision that we, at Cipriano, respect 100%.

We are from Italy, we import directly awesome Italian brands to Byron Bay and we simply love colour. It is in our nature. At the same time, we understand and know that we can never get tired of neutral colours, and most of all of white kitchen cabinets. You can always spice up the space with stunning Italian tiles as splashback or colourful appliances.

4. Flow

What kind of home do we have? Remember that the kitchen is another room in our home and it should reflect not only our taste but also the style of the home we have: Hamptons, Federal, Queenslander or simply Modern.
We want our room decor and kitchen design to flow through all our home and have the same interior design style througour our whole house.

5. Good vibe

When designing our kitchen reno, there are two very important aspects we must consider: ventilation and ligthing.
Ventilation is a must. If it's not possible to have an external range hood, then we should get a powerful internal one. Lighting, especially natural light, is very important as well. It is necessary to plan perfectly well all out light points in order to be able to work efficiently while cooking. Considering this, it is always a good advice to visit light professionals willing to help you out.

These are only some of the tips we need to consider when planning a kitchen reno. Please visit our kitchen showroom in Byron Bay to get more ideas on design, colours and so much more.