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Just like many people out there, here at Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design, we are also concerned about doing the right thing for our environment. Our way of doing so is to partner with Italian Ceramic companies and suppliers who share our beliefs.


When looking for an environmentally friendly tile there is so much information available, that you end up feeling overwhelmed with no idea where to start. The first step then is to consider that not only “recycled” tiles are eco-friendly. Many companies, especially Italian porcelain and ceramics manufacturers, are spending their resources in finding new efficient ways of putting into the market eco-sustainable products.


So, what should you consider if it’s a new non-recycled tile? These two questions are just an example of what we ask ourselves when considering a new Italian porcelain company:


Is the company making enough efforts to minimize and reduce energy, water, and wastage during manufacturing?

Is the company making efforts to put into practice green business actions?


New, eco-friendly tiles also have attractive patterns, finishes, and colours. They can look old while having the advantage of being new and manufactured with modern technologies. These tiles resist scratching, are fire-resistant, water proof and need no maintenance whatsoever. Other huge advantages of new eco-friendly tiles are that they don’t contain toxic chemicals, won’t give off fumes or harbour harmful mold spores. Because of their durability, you will save money over time by not having to replace them or maintain them.


Let’s get down to some of the big Italian porcelain companies that share our environmental vision.



Marazzi, since 1935, is synonym with quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. For this Italian ceramics company, respecting the environment and our natural landscapes is what loving ceramics means.

The company holds the standard of the eco-sustainable tile industry and over the years has helped to make ceramic tile production more sustainable. Environmental quality criteria are applied to the entire manufacturing cycle, limiting consumption of natural resources and environmental impact, through the restoration of landscape and vegetation, controlled waste management, the optimisation of energy consumption and the recycling of industrial wastewater.



The motto of this giant Italian porcelain manufacturer is “we innovate respectfully and sensitively. Knowledge and technology alone are not enough”.

They also have a closed-cycle production process. Casalgrande Padana’s concept of being “green” is much more than the simple and commonplace idea: All their production scrap and wastage is treated and reused. They manufacture with a perfect balance between eco-sustainability, environment protection, technological advancement, economic growth and social responsibility.



Ceramic production together with environmental sustainability. This major-league Italian porcelain tile company has thought of a world where beauty and comfortable modern living conditions blend with quality and sustainability. Their respect to environmental preservation and human health are the core of this thought.

The raw materials used in the production of their ceramics are constantly monitored and production waste is reused. In Panaria everything is thought of and realised with the maximum respect for the environment.


Our home and the finish look we want to give to it characterise ourselves and show our personalities. Choosing the right floor is one of the most important decisions we have to make so it needs to be meditated and thought over with great care.

The surrounding environment is also our home and we must consciously choose companies and products that respect it and take care of it the same way we would.