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Modern Bathroom design


In the world of bathroom designs, 2018 promises to elevate the established aesthetic appeal of a stylish, modern bathroom to a whole new level by combining functionality with pure accentuated beauty. While the design foundations of last year might still be present, they will have to welcome some striking changes in terms of natural elements, lighting, and simplicity.

It might sound as if grand (and thus expensive) remodelling projects are ahead of you, but the reality is much simpler and much more budget-friendly than what you might have imagined. Here are the hot new trends in current bathroom design that will define 2018.


Replacing size with pure functionality

There is nothing wrong with having a capacious bathroom. On the contrary, grand spaces offer comfort and an unrivalled sense of freedom. However, all of this, and more can be achieved with a smart design approach to a much smaller space. Modern bathrooms aim to bring intimacy and privacy into the mix while portraying a picture of perfect functionality in order to retain a feeling of spaciousness.

Boho Bathroom Style

If you live in a rental place or can’t afford to go through a total bathroom reno you can decorate your bathroom in Boho Style!


A pleasantly bohemian and delicate decoration style, perfect for redecorating a bathroom or any other small environment with little money and no tradies involved!

Many times, especially young people, rent houses with bathrooms that are old fashioned and dated. Many other times, they don’t know how to improve it with a minimum budget and no time.


Let’s see together how it is possible to improve an old looking bathroom to have a modern looking, boho and chic bathroom. This is not a question of how much money you have to spend but of how you can use your imagination.


A good paint, including the ceiling, will definitely help to completely change the look and turn an old-fashioned bathroom into a cleaner and lighter space. Don’t be afraid to go for a darker colour or intense colour, at least on one of the walls.

Bathroom Windows

 The bathroom, much like the bedroom, should be a sacred place in a home. A place of uninterrupted intimacy, peace, and positivity, a place where you can forget about the troubles of everyday life, de-stress, and recharge your batteries after a long day. However, many homeowners fail to fully optimize their bathroom design to reach these goals.

 One of the most crucial elements in bringing the bathroom oasis concept to life is window treatments. The look and feel of your window covers will play a vital role in creating a unique tone and theme of the room, and it will define the comfort and intimacy levels of the bathroom. Here is an essential guide to window treatments and how you can use them to transform your bathroom into a true comfort zone.

Rustic & Modern Interior Design


The modern world has seen too many futuristic decor pieces and sinful design solutions deprived of any warmth, comfort, intimacy, or personality. The time has come for a change, to retrace our steps and find that missing link between modern design and quaint, rustic decor.
In the age of minimalism and monochromatic colour schemes, you want to introduce life and vibrancy into your living environment in order to transform your home’s interior from dull and unimaginative, to positive, energetic, and serene.

Here are the top five tips on how you can successfully combine rustic and modern designs in your home.

Creating an Elegant Home


Your interior design can tell many a tale to an unsuspecting visitor, and it can portray an enchanting story that resonates with your personality – it all comes down to how you decorate your living environment. Elegance can be achieved in a number of ways, particularly through costly investments, but also with finesse details you can introduce even on a tight budget.

In an attempt to create an elegant setting the entire family will enjoy and your friends will simply adore, you want to tie together the design of every room. While the rooms will follow a certain motif, you also want to give them their own, unique personality. Here is the ultimate decor guide that will help you bring elegance to your home.