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Vintage Pieces in Modern Interior Design

If you read an article about the most important aspects of interior design, you’ll learn more about the importance of proportion and balance between modern and some other interior design style. This applies to colours, texture and decorative elements you want to include in your modern home. Retroelements help you infuse your space with a dash of glamour and charm which can add a new charismatic sense to your house. The historical value that vintage pieces bring is more than appreciative, both aesthetically and in a sense of national heritage.

Basic Elements for your Bathroom

This week we'll discuss which are the key elements for your bathroom, a space that, as we have mentioned in our previous projects, has undergone a huge revolution in terms of design and materials during the last few years. We will take a look at which are the trends and will also advise you so that the result is your own personal space.



You can choose between the classic shower head from the ceiling or the wall or a simple rail shower that will also allow you to use it as a hand shower.

There are a variety of solutions we can offer you at Cipriano Italian Home Design you can mix and match and that will result in the perfect shower.

Take your Bathroom Outside

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to have a bath outside while enjoying the fresh air without the hot steam that prevents you from breathing normally and the beautiful view of your garden? Well, it seems that this idea is not that crazy after all. You just need to find the right way how to design it and make it both practical and super-luxurious. Let’s take a look at some interesting ideas that we’ve come up with and get some inspiration.

Be practical

First of all, you have to be practical and think about all the ways how you can design your outdoor bathroom so that it suits all your needs. For example, just imagine how impractical it would be to always have to circle all the way around your house to reach the front door after you’re done with your bath. Instead, think about connecting your outdoor bath area to your indoor bathroom by installing sophisticated sliding glass doors. Not only will this solution make your life much easier, but you’ll let more daylight into your inside bathroom as well, turning it into a much more comfy and pleasant environment.

The perfect bathroom design

Before the construction of your new home can begin, you’ll want to have the final layout in place for every room, closet, and nook and cranny in the house. While every room should be planned and envisioned with the same devotion and attention to detail, the bathroom deserves special consideration.

The bathroom is the crowning jewel of any home; a place of pure peace and serenity, of unobstructed intimacy and an oasis the entire family will adore. With a multitude of design options for you to choose from, reaching the best decision for your needs can prove to be difficult. Here are the essential steps you want to take in order to plan the perfect bathroom for your new home.

Interior Design Trends 2018

Summer and its unbearable heat are almost over, and with more pleasant temperatures comes the perfect time to start considering some home renovations. If you can’t wait to give your home a new vibe, here are some of the biggest interior and exterior trends you can take into consideration.

Ancient Wabi Sabi

Last year, Scandinavian cosiness was a huge hit, but 2018 will be all about Wabi Sabi. This ancient Japanese philosophy concentrates on finding beauty in imperfection, simplicity and originality. Think handmade ceramics, hand-carved bowls, chipped paint or weathered and distressed copper or iron. It’s all about authenticity and the organic look, not mass production and perfect finishes. To give Wabi Sabi items an appropriate backdrop, earth and muted grey or brown paint palette is the best choice. Organic materials like handmade wool throws and linen bedding also fit the general vibe. Even though there are no set rules to Wabi Sabi, there’s one thing most people who practice it follow: if an item has no emotional, aesthetic or practical use, it shouldn’t be in your home, especially if it’s an item of poor quality.