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Simas, ceramic bathroom exclusively made in Italy since 1955.

Simas ceramics are 100% made in Italy developing modern, cutting-edge trends that set future trends. The first tunnel-kiln was purchased in 1961. Since then glazing technology changed from emersion to aerosol spray painting and then the introduction of the robotic airbrush. Simas witnessed the expansion from one single tunnel-kiln to a full expansion and full swing production. 

Nowadays Simas is a big corporation with 70 shareholders and over 120 employees. The production exceeds the 250,000 pieces per year and covers an extended Italian and international markets. Simas, Italian ceramics, has always focused on contemporary design and collaborated with important and renowned architects such as Terri Pecora and Simone Micheli. Simas, today as in its early years, is comprised of many diverse people who strive to produce and create innovative and inspired products, based on their multi-faceted talents and skills. Together, they aim to set the trends for the future Italian quality design.