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With the new Puro technology, Marazzi offers a new generation of antibacterial ceramic and porcelain tiles. A guarantee of intrinsic hygiene that accompanies your tiles forever.

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial is the new antibacterial technology for ceramic surfaces, created to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. By incorporating additives that inhibit microbial growth during the first firing phases of the tiles, Puro Marazzi guarantees a constant antimicrobial and antibacterial action (in any lighting condition) and an exceptional duration of the surfaces, since it is able to dynamically prevent signs of organic degradation.


Puro Marazzi porcelain stoneware and ceramic surfaces are ideal for all areas - residential, commercial and public - and in particular for those in which maximum hygiene, cleanliness and safety must be guaranteed while maintaining excellent aesthetic characteristics and techniques of Marazzi ceramic surfaces: kitchens, bars, restaurants, hospitality establishments, dining rooms, doctor's offices, schools, offices, bathrooms, spas, swimming pools and gyms.


Puro Marazzi Antibacterial, Intrinsic Hygiene and Safety

The silver ion additive is incorporated into the ceramic production process prior to firing at 1200 ° C so that it becomes an integral part of the product. It is not, therefore, a layer applied to the tile surface - which could be damaged or deteriorated - but rather an irreversible treatment that guarantees constant antibacterial protection over time.
The bactericidal action, tested according to the highest international standards, remains active throughout the life cycle of the tiles and does not require any activation by external agents such as ultraviolet radiation. Puro Marazzi Antibacterial ceramic can be installed as wall tiles and flooring in residential, commercial and public environments, and is especially suitable in those spaces where maximum hygiene, cleanliness and safety must be guaranteed. Regardless of the environment in which it is installed, whether indoors or outdoors, Puro ceramic and stoneware guarantee its bacteriostatic activity.

Always active

In many places, especially indoors, UV lighting may be insufficient, uneven, or even absent altogether. Puro Marazzi Antibacterial ceramic surfaces incorporate a technology that uses silver compounds to guarantee protection against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms 24 hours a day, in any lighting condition (natural, artificial or non-existent).
In addition, the bactericidal action of Puro Marazzi resists the chemical base of many of the most common disinfectants, which often contain ammonia.


More than clean: permanently sanitised surfaces

As we all know, some bacteria reproduce rapidly and, if unimpeded, they can multiply in a very short time, even tens of minutes. Puro Marazzi surfaces with antibacterial protection offer 99.9% efficiency against bacteria, fungi and other harmful agents to offer greater health of the environments between one cleaning and another. The patented technology used by Puro Marazzi Antibacterial is based on the synergistic effects of some minerals that take advantage of the antimicrobial properties of silver. Metal ions bind to various targets in bacteria, such as enzymes, proteins, the cell membrane, and DNA. In this way, they impede the activity of proteins and enzymes, damage DNA and cause the death of the organism.


Puro Marazzi Antibacterial: colours and textures

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial is combined with other state-of-the-art technologies, brought together for the first time in the Marazzi laboratories. As a result, the new series are antimicrobial products with constant action, even in the absence of light; they have a smooth non-slip surface that is easy to clean because it is free of roughness (StepWise ™ patent); and they are carried out in a closed cycle, with a percentage of more than 40% recycled material.
Thus, it is possible to obtain the widest range of combinations, colours, textures and interior design solutions, with the usual aesthetic quality and without losing the advantage of placing ceramic surfaces capable of facilitating cleaning and offering a high level of hygiene for all vital spaces.

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial Technology


Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful agents
The objective of an antibacterial substance is to kill microorganisms or inhibit their proliferation, especially if they are pathogenic microorganisms. Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria (including MRSA, Escherichia coli, and VRE), silver ion technology is a substance that works by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
Antimicrobial protection makes ceramic inherently cleaner. The low degree of microbial contamination reduces the chances that the product will facilitate the transfer of harmful bacteria to another surface or to another person who comes into contact with it.

Eliminate odours and reduce stains
Taking advantage of a wide range of organic, inorganic and organometallic technologies, silver ions help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odours and deterioration of the product. The result is cleaner, fresher and healthier spaces.

A guarantee for surfaces in contact with food
The antimicrobial protection technology adopted by Puro Marazzi Antibacterial has been tested and approved for surfaces with contact with food. Once integrated into materials and products that come into contact with food (kitchens, bars, restaurants, canteens and hospitality establishments), antimicrobial protection is activated to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that usually cause foodborne diseases, such as campylobacteriosis and salmonellosis.

Extends the average lifetime of your tiles
Antimicrobial protection works by inhibiting harmful bacterial growth on the surface of products. This helps reduce the risk of surface deterioration and ensures maximum hygiene throughout the life cycle of ceramic surfaces.

Permanent antimicrobial activity, even in the dark
The silver ion ceramic additives use to make the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial surfaces are incorporated into the top layer of ceramic glaze prior to firing. In this way, it is guaranteed that the antibacterial technology eliminates all the harmful microorganisms present on the surface of the ceramic product during the complete life cycle of your tiles, whatever the lighting conditions.

Maximum ease of cleaning and maintenance
Puro Marazzi technology with antibacterial protection removes up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and microorganisms quickly and efficiently, to provide better surface cleaning and even easier daily maintenance.

Guaranteed safety for people, animals and the environment
Puro Marazzi Antibacterial's silver ion technology is completely harmless to human and animal health and is not dangerous for the environment.