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In the early months of 2020, Covid’s outrage genuinely gave birth to a new normal altogether, that too in such a way those will be followed for a long time and around the whole world.

One among the new normal set-up is the working culture which has turned completely upside down afterwards. Remember the time we used to run till we breathe out to reach the office on time? Now it is not like that anymore.

All we have to do is work-from-home. The term sounds just so stress-free but it has its own distractions and cons. Working from home can be more distractive than office work if not done in good surroundings. However, for a person who is working from home only, doing tasks can be tough, therefore, one has to build an environment at home to ensure productivity otherwise your manager might find a replacement.

If you are a work-from-home person and you also struggle to keep yourself focused amid the absence of a working environment at home then this article is for you. Here are some tips and tricks to create an alluring workspace at home.

Set up an office space away from distractions

Well, it does not have anything to do with your ‘attractive surroundings’ but a separate office space helps you motivate to work properly and keeps you focused. As a person who reports from home, I can myself feel the pain of struggle we do to manage the tasks amid the distractions like televisions, mothers asking to brings bread, eggs and vegetables, kids crying among a lot of other things.

Setting up a separate office space is not mean but a requirement because as the covid has left a mark upon people’s mind and lifestyles, this culture is not going to go away anytime soon, pertaining to the current circumstances.

Usually, a person finds it comfortable at home cuddling in his/her blanket while working but this leaves them all lazy resulting in a negative effect on tasks. Therefore, office space is required this way as well. Distractions are one of the reasons why most people prefer going to eating areas in malls, of café spaces with their laptops. It is better for one to create an office space at home rather than wasting time and money on visiting outside places.

Invest in office furniture

What exactly? A swivel chair is a must and a table depending upon the size of your chair. Investing in office furniture never goes waste of money, especially for your office space, one has to get done with this sooner or later.

Office furniture helps to set-up space where you can get settled and keep all your important stuff like books, laptop or computer, files, printing machine, documents, and other things required varying from field to field.

Light music will set the mood

The mood of your office area requires a compliment of the right music to make a good team in bestowing good work results. One of the examples I can quote from my personal experience over why music is a vital spot for an office is from my previous job.

My office also had a music system and the manager used to play such relaxing soft music which made all the employees sleepy rather than feeling fresh, active and motivated.

Music, undoubtedly, contributes well to your working scenario as it decides your mood and surroundings. Therefore, light music will set the mood of your personal workspace just right.

Bulletin boards look great

Bulletin boards are just office thing and an important one for yours too. These look great in offices for quick writing. One can jot down important notes over it or some important deadlines.

Surround yourself with proper room lighting

Less light may affect your sight and spoil the work mood as well. Working in low light can lead to heavy headache which further affects your work. Therefore, ensure that your room consists of proper lighting in order to deliver effective work results.

Set up indoor plants and keep with fresh

Watching healthy plants refreshes one’s mind and I personally believe that plants make us feel light and great. Therefore, indoor plants can help you generate a positive home office environment that will motivate you to speedy work and less tiring shift.

Put motivational quotes board on the room walls

Imagine sitting in an office with empty coloured walls. Sounds boring? Indeed. Fill the walls of your home office space with motivational quotes or admirable paintings that add value to your room. These would make working more fun and interesting.

One of the reasons why investing in a separate working space is that when you are away from all distractions and when your surroundings are more fun and alluring, you would want to spend more time in it, concentrating on working rather than doing unnecessary stuff in your home.


Author's Bio: With a pinch of humour and a realistic approach, Garima Aggarwal is a Creative Content Writer working with TABSCAP. She has been in the field for the last 2 years wanting to develop change with her words and thoughts. She is passionate about her work and writes about topics related to Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, SEO Marketing and Digital Marketing.