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When it comes to moving along the property ladder, you’re always going to want to maximise your profits, boosting the price of your sale while negotiating down the cost of your new property. This article focuses on the former: getting the best possible price for your property when you decide to move on to a new home. With the five tips, you’ll discover below, you can put in place the measures necessary to boost your home’s appeal, attracting more interest and establishing a higher valuation than you might otherwise achieve.

1. Renovation

Using the time you’ve got between now and your sale to make the renovations necessary to boost your home’s sale value is one of the most crucial tips that estate agents and property developers like to provide. Think about the most out-dated or scruffy areas of your home, and do those necessary touch-ups to make them far more presentable to visiting potential buyers. If you’ve got more time, consider kitchen and bathroom renovations, which commonly boost the value of a house by a considerable margin.

2. Link Up With Experienced Sellers

The second tip on this list is to partner with an agent who’ll do their utmost to get the best possible price for your home. They’re often the experience behind your valuation, your sale strategy and your home pictures and description. Try and find an individual you can trust to perform to their best to secure you more visibility and to drive a harder bargain and pitch a better sale than their colleagues.

3. Advertise Smart

More and more people look for homes on the internet in the modern era. This means they’re looking through dozens of sites, and at hundreds of homes to get an idea of what they’re looking for. People don’t have a huge amount of time set aside to look at homes in person, and so the first port of call – the judging the book by its cover – happens online. One of the best tools for advertising your home is the floorplan app provided on Here you can produce accurate 3D images of the interior of your home that’ll help those browsing through housing options to get a better, more professional picture of your home before deciding to visit.

4. Prepare for Viewings

The first impression that you leave upon those who come to look around your home is really quite pivotal. You don’t want them to just like your home; you want them to desire it to the extent that you’ll be able to drive up their bids. Keep your home incredibly tidy and homely, smelling fresh, and looking clean and welcoming throughout the time that you’re receiving guests.

5. Drive up Bids

Finally, you can use classic auction sales tactics to drive up the price of your home. Play bidders off upon one another and play the waiting game to wait until your potential buyers show their cards. Use the help of experienced house salespeople to understand which bids you should accept and which you should wait on to drive up that final sale price.

The tips provided above are all designed to give you the highest possible profit from your property sale, enabling you to move to a more exciting property as you move up the housing ladder.


Author: James Benson. For many years now, James Benson has specialized in management consultancy, who also practices law. He is renowned for his knowledge in the field. James focuses on real estate, and so if you have any questions on the matter, he’s your go-to man for the job. James is upfront, will respond to you ASAP, and is easily contactable.