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Patchwork is a tile collection in small, vintage sizes created to be used in residential and commercial spaces.
The collection is divided into 5 different sections: Black&White, Classic, Colors, Metrosign and Pictart.

Through their colour combination and reinterpretation of tradition, Sant'Agostino represents the old-classic encaustic tiles in a contemporary and modern key.

This range, with its different shades of greys, blacks and whites emphasizes a floor tile classic.
Encaustic tiles have always been used in prestigious buildings as they guarantee quality and durability together with a unique and stunning look. Well then, imagine the look of an encaustic tile developed with the latest and state of the art technology.

These cement floor tiles integrate in a perfect way with an eclectic contemporary style combining different and contrasting materials and furniture. The Classic range is a bridge between industrial and "boho chic".

Mediterranean Liberty style with its earth and warm atmosphere. Colour as a visual movement and suggestion. Flowers, lines and borders with a unique pattern of light and chromatic sharpness.

Encaustic tiles with floral and geometric patterns in neutral colours. You can decorate any room with 45 different graphic designs.

An artwork made in ceramics for your floors and walls. This range is characterised by a highly decorative effect and colours.

It is possible to match any of the small collections that make up Patchwork with any furniture styles and any room in your home: bathroom, kitchen, lounge or living room areas, public spaces such as cafes or restaurants. 

Patchwork is a collection so rich and complete that it meets every client desires and interior design trends.