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Gloss small tiles, retro' accessories in the bathroom and kitchen, industrial chic style ... there is no doubt that vintage style interior design is dominating 2018.


However, it is not a simple vintage furniture trend as any other, it is sophisticated style, thought-after and cared for in every single detail. It is a reference to the past with modern technology. It is a combination of shapes, colours and accessories that convey a retro taste with a modern twist.


Some of the elements in the vintage interior design trend we are seeing are velvet armchairs with its eccentric and luxurious feeling or classic design bathroom accessories as styling elements accompanying the old time classic subway tiles. This new wave of vintage style is characterised by figures of timeless beauty that have been a part of every home for the past 50 / 60 years but now have new technology and design to make our lives more comfortable.


Another element that has made a long-awaited comeback is wallpaper. We now see wallpaper in the most unexpected areas such as bathrooms or kitchen splashbacks. The aim is to style your room with glamour vintage, geometric or giant floral patterns, metallic applications or animal prints. At the same time, if you still don't trust what new technologies and research are capable of, you can go for a 3D tile to give depth and texture to any room or space. And this again is a vintage interior style with modern technology!


The colour of the year is, without doubt, blue. In fact, we find it on sofas, entire walls, floors and kitchen cabinetry. The style word of the year is "dare" in a bold but luxurious way.  We at Cipriano Italian Home Design can help you design your customised kitchen or bathroom with elements that will include the words of the year in your house and turn it into a unique and inimitable place.


One of the ceramic tiles that definitely help us achieve the sought after vintage style is the Manhattan range by FAP. The collection was conceived to fulfil eclectic and versatile projects. The range and colours are ideal for interior design projects with a metropolitan vintage style. They also fulfil the industrial chic gap. Manhattan range is perfect to complete the vintage identity of your living room, kitchen or bathroom. It is also the right answer for commercial spaces such as cafes or restaurants.


Manhattan tiles by FAP have the ability to reflect light in a way no other tile can. The silk gloss effect on the surface gives out different chromatic emotions depending on the time of the day and kind of light they get.

The classic subway size 100x300 is ideal for experimenting with different laying options: brick, parallel or vertical to give your room character and vitality. The real trick of this size, though, is the choice in the grout colour that can turn your wall into a real piece of art. Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, you can choose between a 5mm gap to create a trendy modern look, use a similar colour grout to a sense of continuity or use a different colour to give character and strength to your wall.   


The size, colour, texture and possibilities on this range will help you achieve your Vintage looking room without compromising on quality!

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