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Naxos at Cersaie 2018

Naxos participates at the event “Cersaie disegna la tua casa 2018” (design your home 2018).
The international ceramics fair, as every year, opens the doors to everyone who wishes to look for advice in designing and decorating their homes.

Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September at the stand A20-B19, pad. 20 of BolognaFiere, Naxos consultants will be waiting for you to give you ideas and indications on the personalization of spaces and on the choice of ceramic materials that would give your space a special twist.

We are so proud of being a partner of Naxos and invite all our customers in Italy to visit their stand.

Double Basin in Solid Surface

We asked Mundilite which are the advantages of their "solid surface" material.

Right now, Solid Surface is one of the favorite materials being used by designers and architects when it comes to final touches in new buildings or renovations. It can be used in the interior and exterior design. It is a high quality material with some added values.

Solid Surface is obtained from a mix of minerals and resins that combine durability, resistance, atoxicity and easy to repair features with enless options for shapes, textures and colours. No wonder why it's becoming the interior designers' favourite!

Quality Italian Furniture in Byron Bay

“If you’re dreaming alone, it’s just a dream. If you’re dreaming together, that’s when reality begins”.

This is the motto that inspired the Polesello brothers, and their two business partners, to ‘begin their reality’ in 1966, and found Maronese ACF.

Maintaining one’s roots while striving to innovate and progress is what the founders of Maronese prioritised above all, and that is shown and portrayed in their Living Area and Night Area designs.
Authentic quality woods such as oak, combined with modern decor finish for the living room, create a harmonious design in the stunning Scuderia Living collection.

The play with combinations of lacquered or mirror glass, harmonious proportions and variation of colours, which create a seductive palette of shades in a room, come together in the Plain Night Collection, establishing a continuous consonance among the décor elements.

Quality Subway Tiles in Byron Bay



Following the latest interior design trends, Marazzi has launched Mellow. A small size tile that aims to reevaluate the classic "subway" tile.
The 100x300 subway wall tiles have a strong reference to tradition and in particular to Majolica tiles.

The range has been inspired by this tradition and is composed of 7 pastel shades tones: cotton, fume', ginger, indigo, peach, sugar and teal with a luxe finish.

The result, in your bathroom and kitchen, is a small size wall with personality and great effect.

Floor Standing Bathroom Accessories

We live in a rush, constantly chasing something, trying to go somewhere though never actually arriving. 

How often have you said "I don't have time" or have you heard someone said it?

Technology has shortened our times and put fast forward to our lives. Many people feel there is no need to "stop, breath, think". We are constantly fighting against this fast life system and trying to help our clients find their own me-time in the oasis of the bathroom.

Lucky for us, companies such as Lineabeta bathroom accessories shares our point of view and keeps up with what our clients need when it comes to their bathroom styling.

We know that everybody likes to change everynow and then, that is what modern life is about, isn't it? So, why not thinking of having floor standing bathroom accessories rather than the classic wall-mounted accessories for our new bathroom?

Bathroom accessories are a fundamental and, most of the times, the final touch to our bathrooms. These elements help not only the styling of our bathrooms but they also make it practical and functional.

Lineabeta bathroom accessories cater for all tastes.