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Construction Guide

Whether your target market is builders, contractors, suppliers or simple home-improving consumers, your construction materials firm will no doubt have its own web presence, driven primarily by your business’ website. This was once the gold standard for businesses operating in the physical and digital worlds but, as better and more integrated sales technology have developed, a simple website is becoming increasingly inadequate. Your competitors may be racing away with the market thanks to their savvy new digital sales approach – and that’s something you’ll need to attend to right away. This article will help you sell your construction materials online.

Designer Furniture Byron Bay

Choosing furniture for our home is a stressful but exciting task.

Our homes are our dream space that reflect our personality and we take pride in how they look. For this reason, nailing down the look can be a little overwhelming.

Whether you are a minimalist, a bohemian, a mid-century modernist or just a simplistic, it can be tough to know what term defines your style. Here are the tips to tap into your inner stylist and make your space the exact reflection of your dreams.

Selling your Home for the Best Price

When it comes to moving along the property ladder, you’re always going to want to maximise your profits, boosting the price of your sale while negotiating down the cost of your new property. This article focuses on the former: getting the best possible price for your property when you decide to move on to a new home. With the five tips, you’ll discover below, you can put in place the measures necessary to boost your home’s appeal, attracting more interest and establishing a higher valuation than you might otherwise achieve.

Wood Look Floor Board Tiles

Old values, contemporary performance

Among the various collections Casalgrande Padana has, there are three-floor tiles timeless collections that interpret the thousands of nuances of natural wood "par excellence".

These ranges are the result of Casalgrande Padana's technological innovation and advance. The series are versatile and perfect for any use: indoor, outdoor, wall and floor. The wood look tile we have all been dreaming about.

The delicate and homogeneous colours of Class Wood, the worn appearance of Country Wood, and the infinite expressive possibilities of Geowood are the multiple identities of Casalgrande Padana’s wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles.

These collections are the reflection of constant research into the infinite variations of wood and its ability to define and give personality to any room.

Class Wood, Country Wood, and Geowood stand out for their extraordinary flexural strength and resistance against impacts, abrasion, scratches, weather agents, fire, stains, and chemicals, which, together with their variety of sizes (22.5x189-40x120-20x120-25x151), finishes, and thicknesses, make them the perfect solution for any setting!

Moreover, porcelain tiles are non-absorbent and they are free of chemical waterproofing materials, paints, and resins.

Casalgrande Padana's tiles are environmentally friendly because any waste materials produced during the manufacturing process are largely recovered, thereby reducing our impact on the environment. Also, tiles are easy to install and don’t require any special maintenance.


Interior Design Byron Bay



When you run an interior design business, it can sometimes be difficult to grow and reach the next level. This is because this is an industry that relies on a brand reputation for success, and until you have an extensive portfolio with recommendations from many clients, it can be challenging to find work.

Fortunately, there are a few key steps that you can take to grow your business which will help you to attract more customers and gradually increase your reputation. This, in turn, will bring more work and greater success. So, if you have an interior design business which you are struggling to grow then read on for a few tips: