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Blocked drains might start off as an inconvenience, but they can cause serious issues for your plumbing and your property. This includes poor drainage, foul odours, health risks, and permanent damage to your pipes.

In order to get on top of your drains and clear them for good, you need to know what causes blocked drains, how to identify them, and what to do next. 

Shower Niche

A niche is a perfect place to set your shower toiletries. The size, shape, and position of the niche is an important decision. Your choices will determine if the niche is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. What shower niche sizes are available and which one is right for your bathroom?

Here are a few things to consider:

Do you want to store bottles?
Do you need to keep bar soap and razor in the niche?
Do you prefer a vertical niche with shelves built-in or do you prefer a long horizontal niche with a single shelf?
Would two niches of the same size be a better solution?

Marble Floor and Wall Tiles

Allmarble, the marble effect stoneware tiles by Marazzi, is enriched with new finishes and formats For some years now we have witnessed a truly important return of marble in interior decoration. In fact, marble has never been totally away from interior design trends. Once synonymous with classic style, marble today is an ultra-trendy finish both in the field of design and architecture. Being a material not accessible to everyone, marble has always been synonymous with luxury. Today, to have a marble style floor or bathroom, is an option for everyone thanks to the marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles that add to the beauty of the natural material, perfectly interpreted thanks to digital technologies, also high technical features: it does not absorb liquids, it does not stain, it is perfectly cleanable. Three characteristics of the tiles that marble doesn't share! Particularly appreciated for its irregular texture and the veins that create decorative effects that are always unique, marble is also characterised by many types and colours. After years of great return of white and light marble, the trend today also embraces coloured and darker marbles, with a strongly decorative effect, for interiors with a retro and contemporary flavour. Marazzi, which has always been at the forefront of the latest industry trends, offers an increasingly complete range of marble-like stoneware tiles with the Allmarble collection which is enriched with new finishes. In fact, new colours and finishes inspired by other precious marbles are added to the already present Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frappuccino. Calacatta Extra, Elegant Black, Pulpis, Capraia and Imperiale offer new veins with an increasingly natural effect, for a truly complete range of marble-effect stoneware. The different finishes of Allmarble can be combined together to cover floors and walls with ever greater compositional freedom. In fact, the range includes as many as ten different formats, ranging from small (7x28) to large (75x145) but also to decorative formats such as the hexagonal one, really satisfying any type of compositional need. Allmarble is also available in a thicker format, that is suitable for outdoor floors, to cover terraces, porticoes, external walkways with class, creating effects of continuity between inside and outside.

Construction Guide

Whether your target market is builders, contractors, suppliers or simple home-improving consumers, your construction materials firm will no doubt have its own web presence, driven primarily by your business’ website. This was once the gold standard for businesses operating in the physical and digital worlds but, as better and more integrated sales technology have developed, a simple website is becoming increasingly inadequate. Your competitors may be racing away with the market thanks to their savvy new digital sales approach – and that’s something you’ll need to attend to right away. This article will help you sell your construction materials online.

Designer Furniture Byron Bay

Choosing furniture for our home is a stressful but exciting task.

Our homes are our dream space that reflect our personality and we take pride in how they look. For this reason, nailing down the look can be a little overwhelming.

Whether you are a minimalist, a bohemian, a mid-century modernist or just a simplistic, it can be tough to know what term defines your style. Here are the tips to tap into your inner stylist and make your space the exact reflection of your dreams.