Whether you are building a new bathroom or thinking about remodelling an old one, it is normal to dwell on the classical shower boxes when you think about your shower. Megius has thought about this as well and presents a new, innovative panelling system that changes the look of your shower and gives a new aspect to the whole bathroom. Consisting of panels and shower trays, the solutions are achievable using different materials. One options is Corian®, a noble material and the absolute king of modern bathrooms. Another option, much more innovative but also beautiful and versatile is Policore. This material has multiple finishes and options. The last option, is Smart, a panel with matt white finish and dust proof and UV treatments. There are countless combinations coordinating panels and shower trays with same finish. Doiserie’s project has a strong technical value not to be undermined: the panels for the shower (potentially also for the entire bathroom) are lightweight, workable on site. Special measures or trimmings are to be managed directly on site by the builder or hydraulics. Heights up to 230 cm, width up to 190 cm, the Doiserie project allows you to build a larger shower and combine it with Megius’s shower boxes.