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Luxor by Mobiltesino

Mobiltesino: Luxor Range

Mobiltesino has expressed all its creativity, experience, design, noble materials, and craftsmanship in the new LUXOR range.

Essential and basic shapes, clean and straight angles give the collection dynamism, utility, and movement. The shape and colour of the Luxor Range, result of capable hands, give the whole collection a unique soul and a charming character.

The uniformity of materials blends to create a unique collection, a jewel unlike anything else. Aesthetics and functionality as basic elements of all the solutions of this exclusive range.

Each piece of the collection is perfected to the smallest detail and everything is designed to accompany each everyday gesture immersed in a warm, lush, and harmonious atmosphere. New countertop and recessed washbasins in Mineralmarmo and Solid. New Tops in Gres, Fenix, Hpl, and Old Wood. Depth customization. 100% Made in Italy quality and design: Luxor has an unmistakable style!

Visit our showroom in Byron Bay to discover the collection!


This year, following the trend of the past years, Mobilduenne will be participating at the International Exhibition of Ceramic and Bathroom Furnishing.


Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design will also be present at the Exhibition as it is of utmost importance for us to keep up to date and know the latest and best coming trends.


For those of you who do not know, Cersaie is an annual event that has become the major and most important event for ceramics, porcelain, and bathroom furniture professionals. It is where all new aesthetic and technological solutions are introduced and new materials and innovations are presented.

The Exhibition is the meeting point for all professionals who want to exchange, compare emerging trends in design and architecture.


Ceramics and Bathroom furniture are the cornerstone of the Cersaie Exhibition. So much so that a series of initiatives, aimed at experimenting and looking for innovative solutions in terms of aesthetics and quality, revolve around these foundation stones. The bathroom, a place of well-being and relaxation.

Megius Zen - two sliding doors version

Zen, shower box by Megius: the impossible becomes possible


Zen has arrived to become a new starting point in the shower enclosures industry. Historically, only a few products have brought true innovation in the shower enclosure segment. Zen by Megius introduces a complete set of shower cabins and enclosures whose main conceptual design is the top sliding profile with a height of only 17mm instead of the average 40mm we are all used to.


The impossible becomes possible.


Aesthetics has, of course, an important impact. The shower enclosure leaves you astonished and speechless. It responds to the modern demand of shower enclosures with few, minimal and imperceptible profiles where "less is more" rules. The reduced profile in the sliding and pivot door versions and also the almost imperceptible wall profile, make Zen a unique solution with a strong emotional appeal.

The presentation of this product has already attracted the public's favor. You can see this and many other Megius shower enclosure solutions now in our showroom in Byron Bay.

Marazzi Absolute White

Italian ceramics are definitely living a new period of international growth and recognition. It is common knowledge that Italian ceramics and porcelain have been linked to quality, innovation and great aesthetics since the 60’s.

Marazzi, one of the leading Italian brands, has accompanied and helped this growth throughout all these years.


This vital difference in quality is noticed in Marazzi’s indoor and outdoor collections. There are several reasons why Marazzi has been one of the leaders in the Italian market for the past 5 decades. First of all, the innovations they introduce year after year into their production cycle, keeping them ahead of the game. These allow them to market perfectly flat tiles of all shapes and sizes, with thickness going from 6mm to 20mm, from full coloured body to double fire wall tiles.


Marazzi has also helped to develop new materials thus improving durability and versatility of their products, leading to new laying schemes and wider possibilities. Their technological research has resulted in a wide range of special treatments to indoor tiles with new anti-slip and anti-freeze for outdoor tiles being the latest development.


Lineabeta Bathroom Accessories

Lineabeta: A long story of success and innovation


Colourful, young, fresh, unconventional and simple all at the same time. These characteristics of Lineabeta should be part of your thought process when looking for the right bathroom accessories.

Their motto “Everyday Design” highlights the path that this Italian-born company has been following for the last thirty years: an idea of flexible, comfortable and functional bathrooms. Live the “Everyday Life” in the most simple and spontaneous way.  


Lineabeta bathroom accessories and furniture have entered public and private spaces in a variety of ways. All different in style, taste, and function but linked to the everyday life of the everyday human.

A look at the most intimate and private side of different people, from the enthusiastic entrepreneur to the eccentric dj or the eclectic artist, from the young couple with children to the fanciful illustrator discovering how each one lives the Lineabeta product in his or her own way. This has led to the reinterpretation of the product to fully understand that everyone in their own space wants to feel good, easy and at home whilst at their most vulnerable.

Lineabeta bathroom accessories collections’ names are inspired by the Venetian dialect (Venessia, Ranpin, Saon). The materials used vary from glass to brass going through ceramics and steel.