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Skema Facile+

The laminate flooring range Facile+ by Skema represents the future of laminate and is the perfect reflection of the passion behind it.


The range Facile+ is a perfect combination of the past, present, and future of laminate flooring. It’s a story that began with Facile and at present this range is one of the oldest and better sold products in Skema’s wide range of laminate flooring.

The “+” sign reflects a much wider choice of colours and finishes which you can see in our showroom in Byron Bay and also a higher class resistance. It also symbolizes the continuous research and passion Skema pours into its projects.

Facile+ is a resistant, versatile and extremely stable material which also offers ease of assembly with an excellent price-quality relationship. It is the ideal choice for both commercial and private applications.


By using Facile+ Grey Oak you get a better dynamism thanks to the colour shades and the saw effect.  Sand Canyon, for example, with its warmth and light beige shades proves to be extremely versatile and adaptable to any room. Here’s how, within the same range Facile+ you get different finishes maximising the result and guaranteeing a great performance.

Simas Sharp Range

Last year, at the CERSAIE 2016, Simas received the ADI CERAMICS DESIGN AWARD for its SHARP range.


The collection of sit-on basins, designed by Simone Anzellini, was the only ceramics sanitary to be granted this special mention. We could mention several reasons for this recognition but we will concentrate on the unusual use of ceramics and the wide variety of colour range.

As Alesandro Scopetti, SIMAS General Manager said: “We managed to combine a thickness of 3 millimeters with a material as vitreous china that blends, solidifies and vitrifies at 1200°C. A great result”.


A great Italian result to an Italian Ceramics company that started its path in 1955.

The company’s dedication to tradition, craftsmanship, and evolution is the reflection of its made in Italy. The success of Simas Ceramica is all over the world and now you can also find its great Italian design in Byron Bay at our showroom.


All of us at Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design congratulate Simas on its achievement and look forward to CERSAIE 2017.

Teorema 2.0 by Scarabeo

The range Teorema by Scarabeo Ceramica has just been upgraded to a 2.0 version. The newest version of the classic sit-on basin has been designed with a border of only 6 millimeters giving the Teorema 2.0 range a more modern design and forwarding it into the future.


Scarabeo Ceramica is able to reach this new point without losing the classic features of the well-known Teorema range: straight lines and square design, perfect for those trying to combine classic models with a revised modern style.

However, the choices Scarabeo gives its clients are broader and bold. The sit-on basin Teorema 2.0 range allows you to choose whether to have the hole for your tapware or go for the classic built-in version. Depending on the measurements you have in mind, you have a wide choice going from 46cm to 140cm with a double basin.


Just like Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design, customers’ needs are always at the heart of Scarabeo’s creative thinking. Their way of doing this is by keeping in mind that it is possible to reach a high level of elegance and modernity with an eco-friendly, versatile and simple approach.


The restyling of Teorema has modernized the line without compromising the style in itself. The choice of raw materials and quality ceramics that have characterised Scarabeo has not changed and the result is still the absolute excellence that we are all used to when it comes to Scarabeo Ceramica.

Sant'Agostino Shadebox

Shadebox by Ceramica Sant’Agostino is a collection born to treasure a set of different materials and surfaces that become a single style.


The range combines a measured and elegant urban style with modern and contemporary colours and shades: five warm greys that highlight the modernity and adaptability of the collection-box to the most topical aesthetic needs.


Designed and developed to be a real creation of design for the contemporary furnishing, it identifies - in the graphic, the colour development, the declination of sizes including a stylish chevron and the decorative pieces - an interior surface with a metropolitan flavour, with a refined and essential beauty

The colour palette proposal flows into the colour system called “Shade”, on which Ceramica Sant’Agostino develops materials - in porcelain and white paste double-fired – that are different but that can be potentially matching inside a unique architectural design. A relief resin effect - Shadelines - and a polished and nuanced brick tile - Shadebrick - match the sophisticated refinement of a minimal wood - Shadewood.

Belle Bath Soap Dish

After relishing in the success of the collection ‘Belle’, Pomd’or has chosen to add new pieces that further enhance the aesthetics of the elegant bathroom accessory collection that has proven to be so popular. A magnifying mirror, tissue box, storage pot, waste bin, paper holder with lid, and a shower soap dish are the novelties that provide increased functionality and decorative elements to your modern bathroom.


The new additions match seamlessly with the sinuous shapes of the original collection created by Italian designer, Bruna Rapisarda. Bruna took inspiration from studying the ellipse rotation, resulting in a stunning bathroom accessories collection with exceptional style and fluidity that combines classic elegance with a modern touch.


Belle is the perfect accompaniment to enhance each detail in the styling of your bathroom. The addition takes the concept of bathroom accessories to the next level, not to clutter the space, but to stand alone in it. Well-designed pieces work harmoniously to become a true feature, resulting in a balanced environment. Exceptional materials complement the sleek designs featuring elliptical bases. The high-quality alloy is complemented by white chrome and the new gold finishes, providing the flexibility to match the range with your interior design theme.